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Ето какво „мисли“ този изкуствен интелект за смисъла на живота

Пробвах този генератор на текст, базиран на GPT-3.

Текстът изглежда уникален и граматически верен.

What is the meaning of life?

I think that the meaning of life, assuming one exists, is to seek happiness. This is what I believe first and foremost. What does it mean to be happy? One definition would be feeling pleasure or contentment. But by this definition a man who has everything he wants might still feel unhappy because he just wants more and never feels satisfied with what he already has.

Therefore I think it is better to say that happiness comes from feeling fulfilled in your life. By this definition, a man who has everything he wants and feels no desire for anything else could feel happy. I think the most fulfilling life is one in which you feel as if you have made a difference in the world. But by this definition, an artist who is unknown and unappreciated in his lifetime might be happier than a king.

Линк към текста.

При повторно задаване на въпроса дава различен отговор:

What is the meaning of life?

To answer that question, I would have to define life. Life is a complex phenomenon which can be viewed from different perspectives. Every individual has his or her own definition of what constitutes life, and likewise may have very divergent ideas about its meaning in the context of their lives. The most common and obvious answer is that life is a gift to be treasured. An individual can choose what to do with this gift as he or she wishes, but the notion of an inherent meaning in life suggests that there must be something more than just immediate pleasure.

If life is a gift, then it consists of many aspects. Here are some of the more obvious ones: Life is a gift, and the meaning of life is to cherish it and make the most out of it.

Life is a gift, and the meaning of life is to enjoy it.

Life is a gift, and the meaning of life is to appreciate it.

Но се забелязва тавтология. Линк към текста.

Трети опит:

What is the meaning of life?

This is a question that I think about quite often actually. It seems to me that the purpose of life can be thought of in many different ways. The most common way would probably be comfort, or pleasure as it's sometimes called, but there are others such as happiness and fulfillment.

When I think about these different ways that life can have a purpose, one of the main things that comes to mind is how complicated and diverse our lives really are. Our world has become so complex and large that it seems impossible for us to understand every single part of it, or even a significant amount of all there is.

It's the same with our life. We are born, live a portion of it and then eventually die in a way that is completely different to how we came into this world.

It seems to me then, that the purpose of life can be something different for everyone. This is because our lives are so diverse and complicated that we must find what makes us happy rather than what defines a specific purpose.

I feel that the purpose of life is something different for everyone, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are all looking to be happy in the same way. I think one thing that can maybe tie us all together though is experiencing as much as possible.

There are so many things in this world that we could experience, and it seems to me that the only way we can find what makes us happy is by experiencing as much as possible.


Ето какво „мисли“ изкуственият интелект за парите (източник):

What is money?

I am glad that you asked me a question about money. It is very important, especially in today's world where it has such a huge impact on everything we do and the lives of countless people. Perhaps the best place to start is by asking exactly what money is. We have to ask ourselves, how did it come about? How does it work?

To answer this question we must go back to the beginning of time. There were no money, only barter. If you wanted something from someone else you had to trade with them directly for it.

But this system was not perfect because you had to find someone who wanted what you had. It was very hard and time consuming to get things done.

So then people started thinking about how to make this system more efficient. They had to find a way that they could trade with each other without having anything directly of their own.

So they came up with the idea of a token, a form of currency that could be exchanged for the goods and services being traded. Now you did not have to find someone who wanted what you had in order to get something from them.

It was an ingenious idea, but it had its drawbacks. The token itself had to be something rare and precious in order for it to have value.


  1. Мненията му за живота звучат доста консуматорски. Дали преглежда популярни (банални) публикации, за да си напише "мненията"?


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Знаеш ли какви промени в законите ти готвят? Готов ли си да се подчиняваш на господарите си?

Нашите законотворци (които изобщо не взимат пари за писане на закони) пак пишат промени в закон по много подозрителен начин. Промените са "скрити" в края на проект за закон, в заглавието на който се твърди, че ще се изменя ЗДДС. Обаче се оказва, че това не е съвсем така - променят се и други закони...

Опитват да вкарат промени, които само до преди месеци не успяха! Дали този път ще успеят да гласуват в интерес на тесен кръг лица?

Демокрацията работи само ако гражданите се интересуват какви закони смятат да се гласуват в Народното събрание. Също така, за да работи демокрацията, се налага и народните представители да са наясно с това, което гласуват.

Да спрем банковия лобизъм!

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